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Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure. It involves making micro injuries to the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger. You might also hear it called collagen induction therapy.

Microneedling Explained 

Medical Micro Needling is also known as collagen induction therapy (C.I.T.). The pen moves across the skin, needling the skin making micro injuries to stimulate collage and elastin production.

This “damage” to the dermis encourages the body to produce more new collagen and elastin which generate new skin cells to literally “repair” itself, thus the skin becomes thicker, plumper and more youthful.

The channels made from the micro-needles allow topical gels and creams to be absorbed more effectively through the top layer of skin. We use power vials that are packed full of botanicals and vitamins tailored to your skins needs.  These will be penetrated  into the skin during the treatment.

Your skin will appear to be visibly healed after 24-48 hours but the healing process is continuously happening beneath the surface for several months.  This natural healing process is what makes the treatment so effective.

After a few months, this new collagen will start to shorten. This leads to the slow tightening of the skin.  Over time this healing process will lead to the formation of a thick layer of collagen, healthy elastin and improved blood flow at the initial injury site.

The surface of the skin (epidermis) remains intact so the risks are very minimal, skin heals very quickly and there is minimal downtime.


  • Improves the quality and texture of your skin. 

  • Reduces fine line and wrinkles

  • Leaves skin firmer

  • Reduces scarring

  • Reduces black heads

  • Treats acne and cystic acne. Not only does microneedling ​help treat acne scars, but it can also help treat and stop acne.

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Reduces pores

  • Hair loss 

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